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I started off with high pain at one specific part of my back (lower left side) from snow shoveling. Sleeping was very difficult and I would wake up very stiff and in agony. Walking and hiking was very tough. Running or jogging was impossible.

During the 5-6 week PT with Justin I was able to reduce the pain amount almost entirely and could resume all normal activities.

If I didn’t know I had a recent injury (pulled muscle) I wouldn’t have noticed the very slight pain.

- Paul F.

Before starting PT I was still walking with crutches. 3 months later BPT allowed me to be back on my skis! Without their help there is no way that would have happened. Thanks BPT for getting me back to normal and on the slopes!

- Kendal D.

Ellie and Tricia have helped me through a knee replacement. They both helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am doing great today. Also it’s always a pleasure to see Connie’s smiling face.

- Judith S.

Since having my twin boys my back and neck have struggled. I often have pain when I am the only adult and we spend a lot of time together because they’re at an age where they need and want to be picked up, held and carried constantly. My back and neck pain put me out completely for about a week 8 months ago and ever since I’ve been trying to get strong in the right places and hopefully get ahead of them. I had several set backs which led me to BreckPT. In the last couple of months Justin and Tricia have helped me with my posture, core strength, overall body strength and correcting the day to day sloppy movements of handling two 20lb adorable dudes. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and making me feel like I can handle them again without pain. You guys are the best!

- Reilly D.

"I went to Breckenridge Physical Therapy because I'd been suffering with chronic migraines for years as a result of a herniated disk in my neck. I've been to other physical therapists who obviously try to rush you out the door so they can see as many patients as possible. Not the case at Breckenridge Physical Therapy! My experience there has been nothing but positive, from Connie's pleasant conversation at the front desk, to Dr. Welch's expert knowledge and skills, I always feel like they truly want to help me get better. And since starting treatment there, my migraines have nearly disappeared. I'd highly recommend Breckenridge Physical Therapy for anyone looking for actual, long-term results."

- Ashley

"I came to Breckenridge Physical Therapy after my 3rd knee surgery. I was so impressed with the therapists knowledge and innovative techniques, I noticed results after just one visit. I was recommended to go to Breckenridge Physical Therapy from a family member after a bad experience at another PT office. I was really impressed with their friendly staff, they are very accommodating and make you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Breckenridge Physical Therapy to anyone who wants a top notch experience with real results."

- Brigitte